Where the focus goes the energy flows.

My Services
  • authentic leadership within and across cultures
  • enhancement of employee engagement
  • leadership coaching
  • leadership development
  • team building
  • intercultural conflict management
  • intercultural competence development
  • intercultural communication in health care
My Experience
  • executive leadership coaching (IT, automotive, aerospace)
  • self leadership coaching (education)
  • intercultural coaching (education)
  • team development facilitation (aerospace, pharmaceutical, consumer industry)
  • team development facilitation following organizational change (pharmaceutical, aerospace)
  • leadership engagement training (aerospace industry)
  • leadership development training (e-commerce industry)
  • intercultural communication and conflict resolution training (insurance industry)
  • intercultural competence training (pharmaceutical industry; oil refinery industry, automotive industry)
  • international conflict resolution facilitation (academic setting)
  • intercultural communication training (health care industry; US government agency)